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Glass Block Windows & Window Dividers 
This article is broken into two divisions, glass block windows and windows with dividers. You may go directly to dividers by clicking here
Glass Block Windows:
The question common to glass block windows and windows with dividers is, "Where not to put the cups or pads?" To answer this question in regards to glass block windows, we generally need either a rough drawing, a picture with some dimensions given or detailed instruction. Herein we will explain the information that is required for us to properly construct your solar shade panel.
Glass blocks come in standard sizes with the most common being 7" square. During construction of the glass block window configuration, the blocks are cemented together. Part of the block is hidden under about 3/8" to 1/2" of grout that hide the seams. A measurement between the center of one grouting to the center of the next will give the size of the glass blocks used.  We will need to know the size of the blocks.
Your Easy Up Shade panel will be designed to fit the entire opening with mounting cups spaced to avoid landing on the seams of the blocks. The width and height measurements given on the order will tell us the size of the full window opening.
If the width and height of the window opening is equally divisible by the size of the blocks, then the frame is set adjacent to and outside of the block configuration. If the opening is not equally divisible by the block size, then the block configuration is recessed into the frame (frame overlaps a portion of the block).

The recessed portion or portions of the block configuration could be top, sides, bottom or any combination thereof. To determine the amount of block recessed into the frame, measurements need to be taken from the center of the first grouting residing between two blocks to the edge of the frame.
The amount of block recessed into the frame (or possibly a difference in block size) can be determined and conveyed to us as, "recessed measurement". This measurement is the block size less distance from the frame to the center of the grouting.
Look at your window as if you were looking through the solar shade panel at the window. An example recess measurements might be:
Top = 0.00 inch Formula:                             
(Block Size) Minus 
(Center of Grout Line to Frame)
= Recess Amount
Left Side = 2.5 inch
Right Side = 2.5 inch
Bottom = 1.75 inch
If the width and height dimensions are not divisible by the block size, We will need to know where and how much of the blocks are recessed into the framework. 
NOTE: If you wish to start by sending us a picture, we will be happy to send back as a drawing with an outline of the dimensions needed. This is particularly useful for glass block windows with a top arch.
Windows With Dividers:
Note: On our "Ordering" page under "Advanced Features" we provide a section for you to insert the location of dividers. Below explains how to measure for and describe the location of those dividers so that we may properly space the suction cups or pads.
Some dividers actually separate individual glass panes and some are only decorative. Regardless, if the divider protrudes no more than 1/2 inch from the surface of the glass, then one solar shade panel can cover the entire window opening. Chart below shows how far the divider can protrude from the glass surface depending upon the mounting type.
Mounting Type  
Dual Grip Pads 1/4"
Standard 2" Suction Cups 3/8"
Oversize 2.5" Suction Cups 1/2"
If the window is an arch, then the dividers are usually an equal distance apart and can be explained easily as: one divider, two dividers, three dividers, etc.. Please see special shapes before ordering panels for arch windows.
On rectangular windows, there are several methods to convey the location of dividers. On a french door or similar window for example, the description could be, "three glass panes across and five down." 
On a window that has only one divider, the description could be, "one divider 17 inches down from top." Or, "one divider at 13 inches from left side."
A simple way of describing multiple dividers (particularly if they are not equal distances apart) is by starting at one side, or the top, or the bottom and listing the distance to the center of each divider from the frame. An example of a 60 inch wide window with 4 sections of glass and 3 dividers could read as, "Starting at the left side: 7, 22, and 53 inches." 
Complicated divider arrangements usually require a drawing or a picture or both. Regardless of how the information is conveyed, we will need the location of the dividers to properly place the mounting cups or pads.


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