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How to measure for Solar Shade Panels 
Note: Measurements should be kept to within 1/8 inch (0.125") tolerances. You may also want to read about suction cups & dual grip pads before deciding upon your final configuration.
On most windows or doors, measure the actual glass area from frame edge to frame edge. This is the size (width and length) that you will want the solar screen panel to be. In most instances, this is all that is needed. If you have special shapes, wishes, applications or considerations, then please read further and be sure to view any of the subjects listed above that pertain.
To Assist Us in determining where to place cups or pads, the "width" measurement is considered to be the top and bottom dimensions and the "length" (or "height") to be the sides (we space cups and pads closer together on top and bottom). Also, selecting the "Style" closest to your application should be done.
Mounting Inside or Outside: There is very little difference in heat reduction between inside mounting and outside mounting. This is because UV rays pass through untreated glass without causing much excitement to the glass molecules (see Treated Glass, bottom of this page). Glare reduction is obtained whether mounted inside or outside.
When feasible, it is most often desirable (for aesthetic purposes and ease of handling) to mount the panels on the interior. Interior mounting has a tendency to lessen the view of the suction cups from the inside. 
Home and Office Windows:
Rectangular windows with parallel sides can, as said, be easily described with measurements of the width and length. Individual panels should be used for double hung and swing out windows. 

Custom shapes: Our self explanatory "Special Shapes" section on our "Ordering" page make it easy and accurate to order most custom shapes. See Special Shapes for explanation of measurements needed for triangles, unequal quadrilaterals and curved sections. You can also place your order and email, fax or postal mail drawings, templates or exact specifications. 
On windows with dividers (french doors, etc.): You can generally use one panel to cover the entire set of panes if the dividers do not protrude more than 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch from the surface of the glass
(more about dividers). 
In our "Advanced Features" section on our "Ordering" page we provide a section where you can specify the location of the dividers (you can also explain these locations in the remark section or send us a rough drawing). This will let us know where those dividers reside so that we do not place the suction cups or pads at those locations.
Low profile window frames: These are frames that normally only protrude approximately 1/8 to 3/16 inch outward from the surface of the glass. It may be desirable to have the solar screen overlap these frames by 1/4 to 1/2 inch to give a very sleek look. If adding the extra width and length to allow for the overlap, it will be necessary to have the cups or pads installed further in from the edge of the screen. This can be selected in the "Advanced Features" section on the "Ordering" page.
RV and Watercraft Windows:
Note: When mounting to painted surfaces, only suctions cups should be used in order to protect the finish.
Quite often RV and watercraft windows are not exact rectangles and are in various shapes with curves, etc. Therefore it is sometimes desirable to use a rectangular (or custom shape) panel larger than the window and mount it to the smooth exterior surface surrounding the windows. If this is done, the panel should measure a minimum of 3 inches larger than the window on all sides to provide room for the suction cups. 
Important: exterior mounted panels should be removed when using the vehicle or watercraft at speeds exceeding 20 mph. It is generally wise to request the larger cups (7 lb pull force) when mounting on the exterior.
If there is no room around the window for mounting to the painted surface, then mounting directly to the glass may be necessary. Due to the various possible shapes, a drawing or template may be necessary for accurate communication of measurements.
When mounting on the interior, the only smooth non-porous surface may be the window pane. Therefore again, it may be necessary to provide a drawing or a template so that the panel can be custom cut to the exact dimensions of the window.
On very small windows, such as marine "port hole" type, it is often desirable to use the Dual Grip Pads. These pads occupy less space than the suction cups and have become very popular when working with smaller areas.
Treated Glass:
When the windows are tinted or have window film on them or are of the "Low-E" type, outside mounting of solar shade provides a slightly greater temperature relief. This is because the properties of film, tinting and special glass treatments tend to heat the glass as they attempt to reflect the UV rays away. Solar shade will prevent the UV rays from reaching the glass surface. Thus, exterior mounting will prevent this heat.  
However, the interior heat expelled from the glass surface is only incidental in comparison to the amount of heat generated by ultra violet radiation (UV rays) entering through the glass. Consequently, unless your are in a tight space without ventilation, you will reap nearly the same benefits by mounting the solar shade on the interior.


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