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Most orders can be described by simply entering width and length measurements. On our "Purchase" page you can easily get a price for your consideration or continue on to place your order. Here you can even customize an item to meet special requirements in our "Advanced Features" area. And, you can add any special instructions in our "Remarks" section.

Every effort has been made to make your ordering experience with us a simple and pleasant one. In order to provide an exacting service, we urge you to first read How to Measure and other related subjects listed at the top of this page. You may also wish look at Product Overview and Frequently Asked Questions.

When ordering non-rectangular shapes, you can either use our  "Special Shapes" section, which is self explanatory, and allows you to insert all required measurements into your order. Or, you can email, fax, or postal mail drawings, pictures, instructions, etc.. 

If your order requires submitting drawings (or even templates for some RV and marine applications) you can still get an accurate price quote by inserting the individual width and length measurements that would encompass the individual special shape. At that time, it may be wise to proceed with placing your order to insure faster delivery. Just  indicate "DETAILS TO FOLLOW"Your order will then be first in line for production when the information is received.

How can we do custom shapes for the same price as simple rectangles? Our skilled staff finds it of no greater difficulty to cut angles, curves, or to follow exact specifications. All work performed is done to exacting standards regardless of the specifications.

Please be sure of your measurements. You are investing in the highest quality solar shade screens on the market. These "Easy Up" shade panels are designed for lifetime use. 

Don't hesitate to call our sales staff (239-463-1664) whenever you need assistance in ordering. 


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