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Easy Up Shade System Overview    go to prior page
The Easy Up Shade System is designed to block bright sunlight glare, eliminate damage being caused by ultra violet rays and stop the heat generated by solar radiation. The system is comprised of a high technology solar shade screen that is held securely in place without hardware fixtures.
The system is primarily designed for home and office windows, doors and skylights. It is particularly valuable when trying to shade arch windows and any non-rectangular shaped window. However, it is also very popular among  RV and boat owners.
The PolyCB2 MX-90 is a special fine weave solar screen mesh that will not obstruct your outward view. This screen mesh is cut to the shape and size you request when ordering. The resulting panel of screen is then prepared for mounting by  embedding suction cups (or attaching re-closeable interlocking pads for special requirements). 
This high quality "panel" (which incidentally, will not fray or unravel at the edges) can be left in place indefinitely. And, due to it being of a flexible screen material, it can be removed and rolled up for storage for re-use as often as desired.
The solar shade screen mesh, the revolutionary PolyCB2 MX-90, is a product derived from technologies inspired by NASA research projects. UV inhibitors contained within the fibers of this unique fine weave screen mesh filter out and neutralize high frequency solar energy.   
Visual light rays are able to pass through the mesh producing a comfortable "soft" light permeating an interior area and allowing an unobstructed outward view. An added advantage is the privacy it provides from the outside looking in.
The high vacuum suction cups are embedded, appropriately spaced, around the edges to enable mounting directly to the glass surface. This eliminates the need for fixtures, hooks or other mounting apparatus. The suction cups are a special formula clear plastic designed to withstand heat, moisture and deterioration from solar radiation.
The standard size (2") suction cups maintain a three pound pull force and the oversize (2.5" ) cups, used for very large windows and special applications, maintain a seven pound pull force. Lift tabs at the lip of the cups allow for vacuum release for easy removal.
An alternative to suction cups is the PTI Dual Grip pad pairs. These clear colored re-closable pads (similar to Velcro) are approximately one inch in diameter and hold the solar screen closer to the glass than the suction cups. This is a great advantage for use on sliding windows and sliding glass doors where the clearance prohibits suction cups from passing the frame.
The pads are fused to the solar screen at the same locations as where the suction cups would have normally been placed. Their mating pads, which you affix to the window (or for that fact, any surface desired), are backed with an ultra high strength adhesive that will bond tightly to any surface, rough or smooth. This is ideal for dimpled glass, scratched glass or anywhere that suction cups will not hold.
Your exact size and shape specifications are met when cutting the screen into a final solar shade panel. Because the PolyCB2 screen mesh is welded at every cross point of the fine weave, the edges will not unravel or fray. This gives good clean edges to the finished solar shade panel.
As mentioned previously, solar shade panels can be left in place for an indefinite period of time or can be easily removed and rolled up for storage. If suction cups are used for mounting, removal will leave a clear glass surface behind. If the Dual Grip pads are used, the small clear colored pads will remain affixed to the glass at intervals next to the frame.
Attention to every detail is considered in providing good looking high quality Easy Up Shade panels for you, whether it be one panel or many. Ordering can be as easy as just submitting the width and length of each glass area to cover. Or, if you have considerations such as french doors with dividers, glass block windows, special shapes or other requirements, we make that process simple for you also.
As you read through "How To Order", "How To Measure" and the associated articles, you will find that we have covered most every detail and provided you with the ability to customize and even be creative. You will see why the Easy Up Shade System is both practical and affordable. You will see why we proudly say: 
                    "When you demand the very best . . . .we deliver" 


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