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Suction Cups & Dual Grip Pads  
The Easy Up Shade System employs the use of high vacuum suction cups or Dual Grip™ pad pairs for mounting the solar screen panels directly to the glass surface. This eliminates the need for fixtures, hooks or other mounting apparatus. ( Proceed to Dual Grip Pads or Cup/Pad Placements )
The suction cups are a crystal clear special formula cup that withstands heat, moisture and deterioration from solar energy.  The 2" diameter cups (3 lb grip force) are used for standard window and door sizes. The 2.5" diameter cups (7 lb grip force) are recommended for large glass areas (particularly when mounting exterior on large areas) and for special applications.
Suction cups are generally the preferred method of mounting. Most customers find that mounting with the built in suction cups is the most hassle free method. With suction cups, the panels can easily be moved, put up and taken down hundreds of times or left up indefinitely. The suction cups are designed to hold tightly without losing vacuum.
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An alternative to suction cups is the Dual Grip re-closeable pad pairs. These pads  are clear in color; are 1" in diameter; have a low profile; behave like Velcro (four times stronger); and have a ultra high bonding adhesive that will not crystallize (like the adhesive on typical hook and loop fasteners) when exposed to heat or UV radiation.
Dual Grip pads have the ability to mount to rough surfaces such as specialty glass (dimpled, etched, etc.), scratched glass or anywhere that suction cups will not hold. Some customers have even used them to mount to the framework. Window treatments like tinting and film applications will sometimes prevent suction from maintaining. Dual Grip pads will adhere to any clean surface.
The low profile of Duel Grip pad pairs make them ideal for for mounting on sliding glass doors and sliding widows. They hold the solar screen panel only 1/4" off the glass surface. This generally allows sufficient clearance when one sliding door frame or window frame is passing another frame. 
The solar screen panel will come to you with pads fused to the panel near the edges. You will then adhere the mating pads provided to the glass by peeling off the backing and pressing to the glass.
Placement and Spacing of Cups & Pads        Return to Top
Spacing between cups or pads depends upon size, orientation, shape and usage of the panel. In general, they are spaced between 16 to 24 inches apart around the perimeter. However this may vary considerably if the window is glass block or contains dividers etc.. On tall panels, spacing is generally tighter across the top and bottom than down the sides.
Standard placement of cups and pads from the edge of the screen panel is approximately 3/16 inch. This insures that they will not bump into the molding or frame and allows for a slight tolerance in measurements.
Alternate placement of cups and pads from the edge of the screen panel is a choice of either an additional 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch set-back. Alternate placements allow the edge of the screen panel to extend over low profile window frames. This can be requested in the Advanced Specifications section on the Ordering page. For specifications and directions for measurements, see: overlapping frames and moldings
Customer Requests: In addition, suction cups or pads can be placed at any place requested by the customer. Such requests should be defined by a drawing and/or explicit instructions. Otherwise, our experienced staff in the production department will insert where proven to be best.


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