About PolyCB2 
Solar Screening

PolyCB2  MX-90 & Ultra-82 solar screening are the result of an enhanced formulation applied to the coating of the fiber content woven into Poly CB2 screen mesh. This formulation was inspired by NASA research that required astronauts and equipment to be protected from solar radiation.

Prior technologies of simply reflecting the solar energy was not adequate since the reflective material itself became heated to extremely high temperatures. Formulas had to be found that neutralized the high frequency radiation without interfering with the lower frequencies of the visual light spectrum.

From this and other research came a new generation of UV ray inhibitors. It is these improved inhibitors, incorporated into the fiber coating, that make PolyCB2 solar screens so amazingly protective without spoiling the view. 

More About the Basic PolyCB2 Screen Mesh

PolyCB2 screen mesh is available in a verity of weave sizes for a verity of purposes The basic PolyCB2 formula for strength and durability  developed as a result of NASA research grants that resulted in the production of polycarbonate 100 times stronger than steel. 

Polycarbonate was first known to the public in products such as bullet-proof glass and shatter proof plastics. As the need for greater strength and flexibility increased, polycarbonate substrates have become increasingly stronger and versatile.

The ultra fine fibers that make up the polymer core of PolyCB2 are comprised of molecular chains intertwined in a spaghetti like fashion. These chains react very much like woven nylon rope. The greater the pull, the tighter the weave becomes.

When woven into a mesh, this unique molecular structure produces extreme ball burst and tensile strength. If a force with velocity is applied to it, the impact is gently absorbed by redistribution to the larger surrounding area. This flexibility and return-to-prior-state provides a nearly impenetrable surface.

By coating the extruded strands of fibers with a UV protection, the mesh is protected from molecular break-down or design changes caused by the high frequency ultra-violet sun rays. This inhibits aging and color fading. Biocides incorporated in the coating provide immunity from mold and mildew.

The result is a screen mesh that is stronger, more durable and impervious to the elements. PolyCB2 Screen Mesh will not stretch out of shape after years of wear and will not become brittle. It potentially has an unlimited lifespan.

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