Solar Shade & Privacy Screen
Privacy is obtained by the combination of three conditions: proper porosity (size of pores and pores per square inch); reflective qualities of the screen fibers; and the phenomena of ambient lighting differential. Using our Solar Shade 80% and 90% UV Block provides the greatest combination of porosity and reflective properties. For true privacy from a shade screen, all three conditions must exist.
The "Key Hole" effect: The closer you are to the screen, the amount of fibers blocking your field of vision decreases and the comparative amount of light rays passing through the pores of the screen to your vision increases. Consequently, the fibers lose priority and you see through the screen mesh as if it were not there. The further from the screen, the more predominate the fibers become.
Conditions for privacy involving ambient lighting and reflective qualities require that the area not to be seen into (private area) must be darker than the outside area. Also, "back lighting" cannot exist. When the background is darker than the foreground the screen mesh becomes a mirror. The greater the reflective properties of the mesh, the more light is reflected off the surface and therefore shields the background from being seen into. A covered patio or porch that is shaded from full sunlight is a good applicant for the use of privacy screen.
Lighter Colors provide greater reflective qualities: Consequently, lighter colors are often needed in order to obtain privacy when ambient lighting differential is slight or does not exist.
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