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Experience "soft light" from your skylight. 

PTI  Suction held solar shade screen panels for skylights are the answer to heat and glare! 

Skylights are ideal for filling a room with natural light. However, a skylight left unshielded can also fill the room with heat and unbearable glare. And, those same dangerous Ultra Violet rays that cause the heat can extensively damage furnishings. 
Easy Up Solar Shade Screen Panels can be mounted to overhead skylights as well as gable slanted skylights. The high vacuum suction cups hold the solar screen securely to the skylight glass pane. Panels can safely be mounted on the inside of the skylight or on the outside if desired.
Easy Up Solar Shade Screen Panels for skylights are made from the revolutionary, lifetime durable PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh, derived from NASA promoted research.
PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh blocks sun glare and filters out the harmful and heat producing Ultra Violet rays coming through the skylight.
Compounds impregnated in the coating of the screen's fibers actually neutralize solar high frequency rays, rendering them harmless. 
The more than 500 pores per square inch allow "soft light " to permeate the room. Colors become more vivid and vision becomes more acute.
Suction cups are specifically formulated to withstand environmental abuse including extreme temperature variations.
No hooks to install, no holes to drill. Use wherever the conventional method of hanging solar screen is impractical. Put up or take down in seconds on the inside or outside of the window.

Easy Up Suction Held Solar Shade Screens are made from the amazing lifetime durable PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh. Panel sizes are custom cut to your specifications. You may also select from eight designer colors to match your decor.
PolyCB2 Screen Mesh has a lifetime far exceeding twenty years during which time it resists fading, rot and mildew. It will not tear nor become brittle! No other screen mesh material matches this criteria.
All Easy Up Shade Products are designed for outdoor use as well as indoor use and are impervious to harsh environments including salt air. They are also highly resistant to ultra violet deterioration and weathering.
Easy Up Solar Shade Screen Panels also provide high privacy under proper lighting conditions.  SEE CONDITIONS FOR PRIVACY
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