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New technology solar shade screen materials outperform reflective window film and window tinting in every way!  Window film and window tinting may soon become obsolete. 
Prior to new technologies, ultra violet ray protective window film and tinting was the only way you could get some relief from the burning UV rays that pass through your windows. However, there was always a trade off between the protection you received and view you kept. 

The thicker the film (more UV ray block) the less you could see through the window.
 And, tinting was almost a joke. Heavy tinting blocked sun glare. But, like window films, it did very little to actually reduce the heat.
The detriments to using window film or tinting were many. Here are a few:
Reflective window film causes the UV rays to heat the glass to high temperatures. That heat is transferred to inside your home. And, If you have thermo pane windows, it can destroy the seals. Or worse, it can crack the glass.
Reflective window film and tinting blocks your view proportional to the UV rays they block.
Reflective window film is difficult and time consuming to install smoothly to the surface of the window.
While film and tinting sometimes reduce damage to furnishing by blocking a portion of UV radiation, the cost to air-condition and the discomfort from the intense heat remains high. 
New Technologies!  Easy Up Solar Shade Screen Panels are made from the revolutionary, lifetime durable, PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh, derived from NASA promoted research.
PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh blocks sun glare and filters out the harmful and heat producing Ultra Violet rays. Compounds within the fiber coating actually neutralize solar high frequency rays. Therefore, the glass pane is never heated by the screen and less energy from the sun in the form of UV rays is passed through the screen.
High vacuum suction cups are strategically placed on the perimeter of the custom solar panel and  allow you to attach solar shade screen panels direct to the window or door glass or any non-porous surface. 

Panels are designed for exterior or interior use.
No hooks to install, no holes to drill. Use wherever the conventional method of hanging solar screen is impractical. Put up or take down in seconds, inside or outside. Shade Without Spoiling Your View

You "keep the view"  and stay cooler in the hottest weather!

Panel sizes are exact cut to your specifications. You may also select from eight designer colors to match your decor.

PolyCB2 Screen Mesh has a lifetime far exceeding twenty years during which time it resists fading, rot and mildew. It will not tear nor become brittle! No other screen mesh material matches this criteria.
All Easy Up Shade Products are designed for outdoor use as well as indoor use and are impervious to harsh environments including salt air. They are also highly resistant to ultra violet deterioration and weathering.
Easy Up Solar Shade Screen Panels also provide high privacy under proper lighting conditions.  SEE CONDITIONS FOR PRIVACY
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